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Chapter 1
The Holy Spirit–Third Person in the Godhead
John Priola

Chapter 2
Error Regarding the Holy Spirit and How He Works
Tommy J. Hicks

Chapter 3
The Holy Spirit Bears Witness With Our Spirit
Bryan Braswell

Chapter 4
The Holy Spirit in the Old Testament
Joseph Meador

Chapter 5
Blasphemy Against the Holy Spirit
Kenneth Ratcliff

Chapter 6
Resisting, Quenching, and Grieving the Spirit
John McCaghren

Chapter 7
The Holy Spirit is the Paraclete
Rick Brumback

Chapter 8
Miracles Were the Gift of the Spirit in Acts 2:38
Bobby Liddell

Chapter 9
The Spirit is the Gift of the Spirit in Acts 2:38
Burt Groves

Chapter 10
Salvation is the Gift of the Spirit in Acts 2:38
Marvin Weir

Chapter 11
The Natural Man and the Things of the Spirit
Toney Smith

Chapter 12
The Holy Spirit Makes Intercessions for Us
Ed Rodgers

Chapter 13
The Holy Spirit and Speaking in Tongues
Charles Orr

Chapter 14
The Holy Spirit and the Inspiration of the Bible
Robert Taylor

Chapter 15
Receiving the Spirit and Receiving the Word
Chuck Northrop

Chapter 16
The Spirit Indwells Personally and Literally
Brian Kenyon

Chapter 17
The Spirit Indwells Representatively Through the Word
Ron Cosby

Chapter 18
Quickened by the Holy Spirit
Kevin Beard

Chapter 19
The Temple of the Holy Spirit
Johnie Scaggs

Chapter 20
Deaver’s Doctrine on the Fruit of the Spirit
Keith Mosher

Chapter 21
The Unity of the Spirit
Michael Wyatt

Chapter 22
Review of Goebel Music’s Book on the Spirit
Gary Summers

Chapter 23
Cornelius Did Not Receive Holy Spirit Baptism
Jerry Brewer

Chapter 24
Cornelius Did Receive Holy Spirit Baptism
Greg Weston

Chapter 25
The Law of the Spirit and the Spirit of Grace
Jack Stewart

Chapter 26
Calvin’s Direct Operation of the Holy Spirit Doctrine
Tom Bright

Chapter 27
Deaver’s Doctrine Opens the Devil’s Door
Curtis Cates

Chapter 28
Enlightenment of the Word by the Holy Spirit
David Baker

Chapter 29
Deaver’s Direct Operation Doctrine is Fatal Error
Tom Wacaster

Chapter 30
Deaver’s Doctrine vs. the Word’s All-Sufficiency
Don Walker

Chapter 31
Deaver’s Doctrine, the Word, Prayer, Providence
Johnie Scaggs

Chapter 32
The Earnest of the Holy Spirit
Michael Light

Chapter 33
Deaver’s Doctrine and Man’s Accountability
Tyler Young

Chapter 34
Deaver’s Doctrine Regarding Holy Spirit Baptism
Freddie Clayton

Chapter 35
Deaver’s Direct Operation of the Spirit Doctrine
B.J. Clarke