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Chapter 1
The Origin and Reality of Satan
Jerry Moffitt

Chapter 2
Your Adversary the Devil
Tommy J. Hicks

Chapter 3
Do Not Give Place to the Devil
Kevin Berry

Chapter 4
Names By Which Satan is Known
Mark Hanstein

Chapter 5
Demonic Activity in the First Century
Kenneth Ratcliff

Chapter 6
Satan, An Angel of Light
Burt Jones

Chapter 7
Signs and Symbols of Satanism
Keith Mosher

Chapter 8
Satan’s Attacks on the Church from Without
Michael Light

Chapter 9
Satan’s Attacks on the Church from Within
Greg Weston

Chapter 10
Satan’s Attacks on New Converts
Dave Rogers

Chapter 11
Satan’s Attacks on Morality in America
Sean Hochdorf

Chapter 12
Satan’s Attacks on Christ’s Deity
Shan Jackson

Chapter 13
Satan’s Attacks on Young People
Mike Hisaw

Chapter 14
Satan’s Attacks on the Home
Ronnie Hayes

Chapter 15
Satan’s Bible Analyzed
Michael Felder

Chapter 16
Satan’s Church Exposed
David Harris

Chapter 17
Satan Worship Examined
Jim Nash

Chapter 18
Witchcraft, Horoscopes, Tarot Cards, Etc.
Don Underwood

Chapter 19
The Truth About Today’s Exorcists
Preston Silcox

Chapter 20
Satan’s Head Bruised
Neal Pollard

Chapter 21
Satan’s Attacks on the Bible, God’s Word
Robert Taylor

Chapter 22
Caricatures of Satan
Sam Dilbeck

Chapter 23
Demon Possession Today
Darrell Beard

Chapter 24
Satan’s Power of Death
Clay Bond

Chapter 25
Satan’s Rule
Don Walker

Chapter 26
Satan’s Strategy for “Christian” Unity
Tim Childs

Chapter 27
How Satan Hinders Evangelism
Timothy Wilkes

Chapter 28
Satan Has His Devices
Garland Elkins

Chapter 29
The Children of the Devil
Bryan Braswel

Chapter 30
666 and the Man of Sin
Johnie Scaggs

Chapter 31
Satan, the Father of Lies
Devin Dean

Chapter 32
The Doctrines of Devils
Lynn Blair

Chapter 33
Satan in the Garden of Eden
Denny Petrillo

Chapter 34
Hell: The Place Prepared for the Devil
H.D. Simmons

Chapter 35
Satan’s Temptation of Christ
Melvin Sapp