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Chapter 1
They Say, “We Have No Influence on Religion”
Robert Waggoner

Chapter 2
They Say, “It is Not a Religion”
Tommy J. Hicks

Chapter 3
They Say, “Man is the Measure of All Things”
Kevin Cauley

Chapter 4
They Say, “Let Us Educate Your Children”
Derrick Smith

Chapter 5
They Say, “We Are Here by Chance”
George Beals

Chapter 6
They Say, “The Jesus of the Bible is a Myth”
Gary McDade

Chapter 7
They Say, “Intelligent Design Isn’t So”
Jason Roberts

Chapter 8
They Say, “The Good Life is the Central Task for Mankind”
Trevor Major

Chapter 9
They Say, “It Takes a Village, Not Just a Family”
Travis Sweet

Chapter 10
They Say, “We Insist Upon Separation of Church and State”
Ken Ratcliff

Chapter 11
They Say, “Do Not Teach the Bible in Public School”
John Moore

Chapter 12
They Say, “We are Not at War Against Christ and Christianity”
Kirk Talley

Chapter 13
They Say, “Man Can Solve His Own Problems”
Dennis Gulledge

Chapter 14
They Say, “There Are No Moral Absolutes”
Billy Bland

Chapter 15
They Say, “Euthanasia Really is a Good Death”
Toby Soechting

Chapter 16
They Say, “We Need Planned Parenthood”
Skip Andrews

Chapter 17
They Say, “Same-Sex Marriage is Okay”
Matthew Gibson

Chapter 18
They Say, “Men and Women are Equal”
Bob Patterson

Chapter 19
They Say, “Preaching the Gospel is Foolishness”
Darwin Hunter

Chapter 20
They Say, “The Bible is Not Inspired”
Robert Taylor, Jr.

Chapter 21
They Say, “Religion and the Church Must Change”
Phil Sanders

Chapter 22
They Say, “Sacred and Secular Distinctions Can’t be Maintained”
Jim Laws

Chapter 23
They Say, “It’s Just Entertainment”
Jon McCormack

Chapter 24
They Say,”Truth Changes, and May Not be Knowable”
Jason Rollo

Chapter 25
They Say, “Sex Education is a Must in Public Schools”
Brock Hartwigsen

Chapter 26
They Say, “People are More Important Than the Bible”
Steve Lloyd

Chapter 27
They Say, “The Right to Divorce Should be Recognized”
Wade Webster

Chapter 28
They Say, “God is Just a Delusion”
Dick Sztanyo

Chapter 29
They Say, “Religion is the Curse of the World”
Gabriel Rodriguez

Chapter 30
They Say, “They Know What Gives True Meaning to Life”
Mel Hutzler

Chapter 31
They Say, “They Advocate a Shared Life in a Shared World”
Randy Mabe

Chapter 32
They Say, “Christian Counselors are Okay”
Dan Flournoy

Chapter 33
They Say, “We Must Accept Multiculturalism”
Ted Thrasher

Chapter 34
They Say, “Man Does Not Have a Spirit”
Gary Colley

Chapter 35
They Say, “It’s New, Better, and Necessary”
B.J. Clarke