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Chapter 1
“Beware of the Leaven of the Pharisees”
Jason Rollo

Chapter 2
“They are Ravening Wolves”
Tommy J. Hicks

Chapter 3
“Sheep in the Midst of Wolves”
Cody Damron

Chapter 4
“There Shall Be False Teachers Among You”
Lynn Blair

Chapter 5
“He That is an Hireling”
Gil Yoder

Chapter 6
“Satan ... an Angel of Light”
Larry Yarber

Chapter 7
“Teaching ... the Commandments of Men”
Jim Laws

Chapter 8
“Beware of the Leaven ... of the Sadducees”
Kenneth Ratcliff

Chapter 9
“Ye Shall Never Fall”
Kent Watson

Chapter 10
“A Shew of Wisdom in Will Worship”
Ted Thrasher

Chapter 11
“They Lie in Wait to Deceive”
Cody Westbrook

Chapter 12
“No Fellowship With ... Works of Darkness”
Kevin Cauley

Chapter 13
“Try the Spirits Whether They are of God”
Stephen Wiggins

Chapter 14
“Now are There Many Antichrists”
H.D. Simmons

Chapter 15
“Beware of ... the Leaven of Herod”
Kenneth Burleson

Chapter 16
“Mark Them Which Cause Divisions”
Stan Crowley

Chapter 17
“Your Own Selves ... Speaking Perverse Things”
Tom Wacaster

Chapter 18
“Set for the Defence of the Gospel”
Joey Davis

Chapter 19
“That Day and Hour Knoweth No Man”
Bobby Liddell

Chapter 20
“Some ... Would Pervert the Gospel of Christ”
Robert Taylor Jr.

Chapter 21
“Let No Man Deceive You With Vain Words”
Eric Lyons

Chapter 22
“Beware of the Scribes”
Waymon Swain

Chapter 23
“No, Not for an Hour”
Mark Bass

Chapter 24
“A Man That is an Heretick”
Ronnie Hayes

Chapter 25
“Every Wind of Doctrine”
Stephen Atnip

Chapter 26
“Some Shall Depart From the Faith”
Preston Silcox

Chapter 27
“The Doctrine of Balaam”
Garland Robinson

Chapter 28
“The Doctrine of Christ”
Todd Crayton