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Chapter 1
“Darkness for Light, Light for Darkness”
Jerry Moffitt 

Chapter 2
“The Sun of Righteousness”
Tommy J. Hicks

Chapter 3
“One That Doeth Evil Hateth the Light”
Chuck Northrop

Chapter 4
“A Light of Them Which Are in Darkness”
Jon McCormack

Chapter 5
“Wiser Than the Children of Light”
Ken Ratcliff

Chapter 6
“Their Foolish Heart Was Darkened”
Larry Yarber

Chapter 7
“The Darkness and the Light Are Both Alike”
Garland Robinson

Chapter 8
“There Shall Be No Night There”
Rick Brumback

Chapter 9
“Thy Word is ... A Light unto My Path”
Josh Romo

Chapter 10
“The Children of Light”
Devin Dean

Chapter 11
“Inheritance of the Saints in Light”
Don Hatch 

Chapter 12
“I Am the Light of the World”
John Moore

Chapter 13
“Darkness Hath Blinded His Eyes”
Alan Adams

Chapter 14
“The Armour of Light”
Tom Bright

Chapter 15
“The Father of Lights”
Kevin Cauley

Chapter 16
“Ye Are the Light of the World”
Andrew Heavin

Chapter 17
“Made Manifest by the Light”
Douglas Hoff

Chapter 18
“The Lamp of the Wicked Shall Be Put Out”
James E. Rogers

Chapter 19
“Called Out of Darkness”
Billy Bland

Chapter 20
“Gentiles Shall Come to Thy Light”
Robert Taylor, Jr

Chapter 21
“There is No Light in Them”
Joshua Rodriguez

Chapter 22
“He Promised to Give a Light to Him”
Don Walker

Chapter 23
“Those That Rebel Against the Light”
Tommy Stacks

Chapter 24
“Lest the Light ... Should Shine unto Them”
Wayne Jones

Chapter 25
“Delivered ... from the Power of Darkness”
Clay Bond

Chapter 26
“Light is Sown for the Righteous”
Johnnie Scaggs

Chapter 27
“If We Walk in the Light”
Tom Wacaster

Chapter 28
“Thy Judgments Are as the Light”
H.D. Simmons